Update: New Demo - Release Candidate

The not so Ugly, the Bad and the Good News

The not so ugly news is that I have a new demo available. You could call the demo a "Release Candidate" demo. It's more or less the first part of the final game with as good as all the bells and whistles. Some parts have been available in previous demos, but this features interconnected areas, characters, side quests, music, sound effects and more. Keep in mind that the demo only shows the first part of the final game. There will be more mechanics to unlock and different types of enemies to encounter in the full game.

The bad news is that the game is not completed. My intention was to have a finished game by now, but life got in the way. There are only so many hours in a day. Even less when your energy level is low due to an intense period at work and at home.

The good news is that things are a bit less hectic right now, and I have time and energy to do game dev again. Not nearly enough as I want, but enough to make good progress.


I hope you enjoy demo and that it shows that the final game has potential to not just be a good Pulp game, but a good game period. Not too shabby for a single dev who hadn't written a single line of code or music before the pandemic.


SOLAR-DESCENT-(DEMO-0.40).pdx.zip 582 kB
32 days ago


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