Update: Tech Demo 0.30 - New Content and Polish

Updated Tech Demo

The main addition to the demo is a starting area and dungeon. It's smaller in scope compared to the original demo dungeon (which can still be found in the demo). It's meant to gradually introduce the player to the basic controls of the game while also introducing the MacGuffin of the game.

Changelog v0.31 (Released 231010):

  • Fix: Game now checks for save data version. If incompatible with current game version, "Continue" won't be an option.
  • Fix: Reloading a game and talking to Umbriel in his room would crash the game. Now fixed.

Changelog v0.30 (Released 231005):

  • New: Added a starting area and dungeon.
  • New: Added a proper dialogue system.
  • Tweak: Raised AP regenerated.
  • Tweak: Lowered speed required to make a crank turn register.
  • Tweak: Polish, e.g. proper boss animations and basic scripted cutscenes.
  • Fix: Spinning disc hazards cannot be manipulated by  bomb, fire and blasts.
  • ... and lots of under the hood additions reserved for the full game. :)

Known Bugs in v0.31

  • If max AP is upgraded, you might not be able to recharge AP to the new max. (Fixed in dev build)
  • None...? :)

Development Update

Development is moving forward. I now have a good idea of how the game will be structured and have found a suitable work flow to fill in the blanks of said structure.

Roughly 75 % of the dungeons are done or planned out. About the same percentages of game mechanics and systems are coded.

The plan is to have 7-8 dungeons connected by an overworld.


Solar-Descent-(Tech-Demo-v.0.31).zip 445 kB
Oct 10, 2023


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Just finished this, and I had a good time with it. The first boss took me a few tries, which felt nice. The tension of having to crank during fights is still fun. But it feels like it would be nice to have a means to dodge or something to help position for that. It was a little awkward to move through a group of enemies to get to a corner even though it was possible. Do you plan for the combat to evolve much?

Also, I spent all my xp on AP upgrades, and at some point I ended up with a greater max AP than I could restore with the crank. I don't remember seeing any other bugs.

(1 edit)

There will be a sub weapon with at more defensive utility. It's not a dodge, but it can be used to help position for cranking undisturbed. Different combinations of relics can also enhance different play styles. Other than that, the core combat loop will more or less be what you see in the demo.

Interesting. Roughly how many times did you upgrade AP? Don't think I've coded max caps for the stats yet, but I thought the GUI would break or crash the game if a player upgraded too much.

Edit: Took me way longer to figure out than it should've. The code seemed fine, but I had mixed up maxPlayerAP with maxPlayerHP and I didn't see the typo at first. Thanks for reporting. :)


Makes sense. I figured you probably had something like that planned. I'll look forward to seeing how the relic combos alter the combat.

I upgraded AP maybe 6-8 times, I think? Glad you were able to hunt down the issue with the cranking!