Update: Tech Demo v0.20 - Bug Fixes and Accessibility Menu

Accessibility Menu

SOLAR DESCENT is a throwback to the games I grew up with. Those games were often hard and unfair. SOLAR DESCENT is designed to respect the players time. Progress is saved even if you die in the middle of a dungeon, running back to where you were shouldn't take that much time and while there is an XP penalty for dying, the remainder of your XP will be deposited safely.

However, not everyone will agree with every design choice. Some might find certain rooms or encounters too hard. Even if the game is designed to be played in a certain way, players should be able to decide how they want to play their game. 

Updated Tech Demo

Found a few bugs. The demo should be pretty solid now and be a good representation of a vertical slice of the full game. Don't think there should be any issues with using old save files, but I would recommend starting a new game anyway.

Changelog v0.20 (Released 230606):

  • New: Added an Accessibility menu. 
  • New: Added code for Hole tiles. Players will fall and take damage if stepping on a hole.
  • Tweak: Changed the sprite for pressure sensitive switches.
  • Tweak: Added placeholder maps and code to make regions blink to indicate current location.
  • Tweak: Probably changed a bunch of other stuff too while working on stuff for the full game.
  • Fix: The tiles that were swapped when the boss disappeared weren't solid. It was possible to get stuck if you move to the transition tile and then continue to move up.
  • Fix: Spamming (B) for sub weapon would subtract AP even when the attack is not ready or if the target tile is solid.
  • Fix: Upgrading Relic Slots increased max relic slots, but didn't add a new usable slot.
  • Fix: Upgrading stats and using "Save and Quit" in the menu without leaving the room saved the amount of resources left after upgrading, but didn't save the new value for the stats.
  • Fix: Depositing XP and using "Save and Quit" in the menu without leaving the room saved the amount of resources left after depositing, but didn't save the new value for deposited XP. (Fixed in dev build)

Known Bugs in v0.20

  • Spinning disc hazards can be manipulated by  bomb, fire and blasts. (Fixed in dev build)
  • None...? :)


Solar-Descent-(Tech-Demo-v0.20).pdx.zip 267 kB
Jun 06, 2023


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